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chasinggeek asked: First kiss?

My first kiss?? Like proper kiss was when I was 16 I think lol. We made out and I even grabbed her boob hehe ;)


Anonymous asked: hi, it's the hide and seek anon. just recently that same cousin came over for the weekend and i let him fuck me while my mom was out getting groceries and then again after she went to bed. best dick i ever had tbh.

This is so hot! Did you let him cum inside you too!??

I begged and begged my little girl for a picture while she was away for her honeymoon. I was missing her big tits and tight pussy. 

I begged and begged my little girl for a picture while she was away for her honeymoon. I was missing her big tits and tight pussy. 


naughtygifworld asked: have you ever fucked a family member?

Nope. There’s none of my family I would want to either :(


Earlier today while teaching yoga to my clients I decided to put on a show and let them watch Jay fuck me. After he came on me, my clients went home and did yoga in front of their brothers - they now enjoy that sibling love making as much as I do.


OMG someone please tell me where this is from!??

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Anonymous asked: about a week about i ""accidently"" sent a pic of me lifting up my cheer skirt showing my ass&cunt with my face in it to my stepbro. He hasnt said a lot to me... think hes still taking it in :)

Holy crap can you be my sister please!???


Anonymous asked: Please post more daughter and father stuff please, I want to fck my dad so badly but I think he thinks I'm ugly I just want to make his cock hard

I can do that sure ;)

And ohh trust me, I doubt any Dad thinks his daughter is ugly. You might be surprised and he has a few fantasies of his own…


Anonymous asked: once i was playing hide and seek with a group of my older cousins. i teamed up with one, and we went and hid in the bathtub with the curtain drawn. we sat in silence for a little while but then he started groping my tits. i was sort of surprised but then i pulled his dick out and gave him a handjob. no one even found us until we were ready to come out

Why didn’t I have experiences like this as a teen!?


Anonymous asked: My cousin is 16 and im 27. I think she grew up very sexy. Idk. I have fantasies but im not too sure if I want to hint at anything. When we hangout at family get-to-gethers, we chat, but I can kinda see she looks distracted and bored. Idk, maybe I should try and change my tone from being shut off to be more open... what do u suggest? I'm in no rush what so ever.

Well that’s more than a bit of an age difference…. but ummm maybe ask if she wants to hang out outside of family gatherings and see how it goes from there?